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Javits Center NYC

2024 Summer Fancy Food Show

Retail's Hidden Strength: Convening Consumers in Place

Join Kevin Kelley, renowned retail architect and author of 'IRREPLACEABLE', to uncover the next big thing in retail. Forget chasing after robots and AI trends. Instead, let's focus on what truly matters: human connection and experience.

Kevin argues that beyond meeting basic needs, consumers crave immersive experiences and a sense of belonging--and because of this, small to medium-sized brands can thrive by offering more than just products. Through real-world case studies, Kevin will showcase how successful food retailers are leading the way by creating unique, unforgettable experiences that bring communities together. Don't miss this thought-provoking session that will reshape your understanding of retail's true power! 

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Anaheim Convention Center


Leader-to-Leader Program

Kevin Kelley, AIA, is an architect who gets inside the minds of consumers to understand how physical environments affect behavior and purchase decisions. His recently-released book, Irreplaceable: How to Create Extraordinary Places that Bring People Together, explores how and why physical places are essential to civil society, business, and community—and how we can do a better job of creating them.

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Clearwater Beach Marriott Suites on Sand Key

Gravisite Site Selection Research Conference

The Bonfire Effect: How to Create Stores That Can Survive and Thrive in a Digitally-Dominant Era

We live in a time of digital replacements, where everything we used to do physically in place—shopping for groceries, getting dinner at a restaurant, and going to the movies— can now be achieved virtually online.

So how can place-based entities survive, much less thrive, in an era of digital dominance? By creating Irreplaceable places that have the power to convene people around a quality that Kevin Ervin Kelley calls, The Bonfire Effect.

Through engaging storytelling, human behavior insights, and real-world case studies, Kevin Ervin Kelley—an attention architect and cofounder of Shook Kelley, a strategic design firm that pioneered the field of “convening”—unfolds why physical places are essential to business, community, and civil society.

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