Since 1992, Shook Kelley has been pioneering and perfecting a process for convening people around a physical place, space, idea, forum and experience. Practically speaking, we help clients figure out the best way to go to market, connecting strategy to design in order to create places of meaning that resonate with core audiences.

Our comprehensive set of services includes brand strategy, architecture, interior design, graphic design, merchandising design, master planning, urban planning, district planning, development consulting and more. Our highly diversified staff is comprised of professionals from the fields of business, science and design. And our clients come from a wide variety of industries, including retail stores, restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, colleges, universities, communities, mixed-use developments, institutions and cities—essentially any industry where people gather in places or where place experiences matter.

What's our common thread?

Every Shook Kelley project is focused on how places manifest a strategy around shared values. And, every place has multiple ways to communicate its values to the marketplace. We help clients put a steering wheel on these values, and provide a set of dials and instruments so they can purposefully control their future. Just like individual human beings, we have discovered that every place can have a special and unique personality. Not unlike a charismatic host at a party, great strategies—properly executed—convene people. At Shook Kelley, our mission is to help clients uncover this brilliance, to bring together people around their place and to reach their greater potential.

This is how convening happens.

Made up of professionals from the fields of business, science and design, we have a more comprehensive way of thinking than typical design firms. We combine the disciplines of brand strategy, architecture, urban planning and graphic design into one unified approach focused singularly upon connecting people at many levels—conscious and unconscious. This is how we convene.


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