Layers Of Meaning

Layers Of Meaning

Harvest Market is a new food retail brand in Champaign, Illinois. Niemann Food, Inc. (NFI), founded in 1917 and headquartered in Quincy, Illinois, is the parent company of the new brand. Harvest Market captures the historical legacy of NFI and its cultural roots in family farming, while also resonating with today’s evolving food culture and new trends in how people shop and eat. At its core, the new Harvest Market brand values farmers, a cause that most Midwesterners can get behind. And at the same time, the brand captures relevant narratives in food culture today. The new brand identity embodies this new and meaningful brand cause.

Shook Kelley helped develop the Harvest Market name and designed its brand identity. The brand identity is inspired by traditional farm symbols in a clean and contemporary interpretation. Seeking to communicate the rich heritage of NFI’s connection to agriculture and farming, the concept of “harvest” describes the store as a resource for fresh products. The logomark is inspired by the tractor, a key symbol of the brand and its relationship to the farmer and their cultivation of the land. The tractor’s wheels have been combined with row crops to form an abstract “H” around a plant and its root. Together with the rounded sans-serif logotype and nature-inspired color palette, the combination pays homage to the farmers that care for the land.

Learn more about Harvest Market here and here.


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